Thursday, April 30, 2015

1.5 days left in London Town.

I have packed both of my suitcases. And my carry-on. And my backpack. I think I have something for everyone. Not even kidding, I think I thought of everyone BUT MYSELF. I realized I have no London touristy things. So I bought myself a mug from Starbucks. Then sat at my desk contemplating where exactly the mug was going to go. I can totally walk onto the plane carrying it right? Side Note: The workers at the Brunswick centre Starbucks are the nicest. They even know my name. 
I have learned, through my packing, that chocolate bars fit into the shoe hole things in suitcases perfectly. I have also learned that you acquire A LOT over 4 months. Even if it is stuff that needs to be thrown away. 
I can't wait to be back in the same time zones as my friends and family. It has taken a toll on my sleeping this week, that is for sure. 
These last few months almost feel like a dream or something. Time went both slow and fast, if that is possible. Either way, I am happy to be heading home this weekend. It will be very strange leaving London though, because it does feel like home now. 
I am free all day tomorrow, but will probably end up repacking everything to even out the weight. And then I am having nandos for dinner tomorrow night because that was what I did on my first night here. So, it is only fitting. Our shuttle is picking us up around 10 and then it is off the Heathrow. 
If you have been keeping up with my London blogs, awesome. And if you're asking yourself where the rest of the Mallorca blog posts are- am asking myself that as well. I also went to Ireland. So I have at least 6 blog posts I need to write when I am back home. Those will be put into the internet world at some point, promise. 
Signing off for the last time from London (probably),
A. xx

Sunday, April 26, 2015

6 Days!!

So I just realized how behind I am on blog posts. Apologizes for that. I would love to catch up on them once I am home...we will see if that happens or not. I only have 6 days left in London which makes me sappy (sad/happy). I had to write a reflection for my school blog which I will link here. I am working on finishing up my two final essays. Yesterday I went out to lunch in Piccadilly Circus and then headed over to Green Park to see Buckingham Palace. I think I have seen everything I wanted to here in London. Of course, I am sure there will be things I think of in a few months, but for right now I am content. 
I have bought a second suitcase, and packed it FULL. I still have to pack my other suitcase, small carry on suitcase, and my backpack. 
I am sure I will write another blog post towards the end of the week with a bit more of a reflection. But for now I'll leave you to scroll through my pictures from Brighton on Friday and Buckingham Palace yesterday. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hey Mallorca Day 1: TRAINS, PLANES, AND SPAIN.

If you follow me on Instagram you will be very aware of the fact that I just spent 5 days in Mallorca. I am going to break this down day by day so you know exactly what I did. If you think this is boring, skip to the pictures. ENJOY. 
Day 1: Sunday 
Our flight at 7:25pm. We had to catch a train there, which didn't end up being too bad actually. It took about an hour, and then we had to wait for a shuttle to take us to the actual airport. I am not going to lie, I was quite nervous for this trip. I am not really sure why. And the fact that I had the aisle seat didn't help. And the man next to me was weird and took up more space than he should have. Which sort of just made me claustrophobic. Hence why I prefer the aisle seat. By the time we landed I had already finished half of the book I brought with me. After that we stopped at the toilets which were labelled Lavabos. Which is definitely not one of the words I was told meant bathroom. The men who were at passport control literally did not say a word to me and stamped my passport. I was even prepared with our hotel itinerary in the even they asked where we were staying, but nope. Didn't need it. 
Now, we decided to check our bags since everything wouldn't fit into our backpacks for this trip. So, obviously, we needed to get our luggage. Lauren's bag came out...and then I just stood there waiting for mine. After the last people from our flight were leaving there were a few suitcases still going around, and none of them were mine. Did I mention that my phone wasn't working either? I paid for Eurotraveller which was 3 pounds a day to get my phone to work, and it didn't. But, back to my suitcase. I waited there for a few more minutes, but I knew it wasn't coming. Luckily I remembered the Spanish word for suitcase, equipaje. Once I finally found the easyjet counter, I went up to tell the man that my suitcase wasn't there. The man did not speak very much English, and at that point, I was kind of freaking out. So, the conversation went like this...
The man: Hola
Me: Si, hola. Mi not here. Pero, mi amiga equipaje is here *points to ground* 
Man: Ahh si si. (He then asked me where I was coming from)
Me: London Luton
Man: Si, did you check number 14. ( yes he decided use real English at this point)
Me: Yes I did. 
Man: Oh si si, well I go look. 
At this point, he walked away without asking me what the suitcase looked like or my name. So I just stood waiting and it was then that I remembered how to say here in Spanish. I was surprised by how much I understood, even if I couldn't reciprocate. After what felt like forever (mind you it was nearly midnight at this point), he walked back without a suitcase and said his people were looking for it. He made me fill out a sheet saying I lost my luggage anyways. 
Finally, his phone rang and he said to go check number 14 again. And then I saw my suitcase and went running towards it. Yes, actual running. It was a stressful twenty minutes. 
We had to get a cab to our hotel, which was about twenty minutes away from the airport. That went smoothly. Of course, it was pitch black so we couldn't really see very much. But I was happy about that because London is always so bright. I could actually see the moon. 
I've decided to split this up by days. Otherwise this blog post will be so long no one would read it except for my mom. 
I've put in pictures of our hotel room at the Europe Playa Marina. Obviously I took these on a different day, but its what your getting here. 

My photography skills are outstanding. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Hola! I've just returned from Spain. I had the loveliest time. I plan on writing a whole blog post about that, but don't feel like it right now. I have just booked a trip to Dublin for next weekend. We fly out Thursday and come back Saturday night. We are going to the Cliffs of Moher on Friday. I've seen loads of pictures and it looks super pretty, so I am excited. The weekend after that we are going to Brighton with our whole program. I am even more excited about that because I LOVE BRIGHTON. We also plan on heading to Paris for a day that weekend as well. Actually, I fly out in exactly three weeks from today! I still have school work to finish up, which I should probably should do tomorrow considering I'll be gone most of the weekend. Anyway, I still have touristy stuff I want to do while I am here. But other than that, I am happy with the places I have went and everything. BUT I am excited to come home. Also, if you have thought of something you want from here inform me now. Cadbury creme eggs are on sale at Sainsburys. So speak now or forever hold your piece. 
I figured I would give an update on my final plans for the rest of the year. OH and I am also taking a train to Norwich on Tuesday. It will be a busy but fun few weeks here leading up to my departure. I'll probably write my Mallorca blog post sometime tomorrow/this week. Until then, I hope you are having a good day and a nice weekend. Speak to you lot later. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I had too much caffeine and wrote a blog post.

I have been up today since before 7 am. I had a lovely chat with my mum as neither of us were sleeping, and then had a shower. Tried on about seven different outfits. Left one on for about an hour, cleaned out my wardrobe, then tried on about four more outfits. I decided on one, still annoyed that I don't have too much choice for clothes, and pouted all the way to Waitrose to buy bread. I ran (fast walked) into Starbucks to find that neither of my favorite baristas were working. I have only had about five hours sleep, maybe. Because last night when I was laying in bed it occurred to me that I am going to have to leave here in about a month. It sort of hit me the other day that I have been gone for 3 months. Somehow, I have adapted to a completely new place and quite like it here. My mom claims I have some weird accent going on now, which I probably do. 
Yesterday I spent about two hours on the tube total. At rush hour. All by choice, well for an assignment, but I did have a say in the time. It was one of those times where I had to switch tubes three times. Which isn't really that horrible, but the timing was bad. The tube is not a place for people who don't like being close to other people or are claustrophobic. I am neither of those things, but by the end of that tube journey all I wanted to do was be above ground. Because half the problem with the tube is that it is very far underground. Like, go down two or three sets of escalators ( very big noes too) and then you're at the platform. Or in the case of Russell Square, take a lift down. I don't have a problem with this EXCEPT for when I start thinking about how far below ground I am. So, over all, public transportation isn't really something I have a feeling I will miss very much. I am sad that I will probably be a rubbish driver when I get back home having not driven (or even really been in a car) for four months. All that practice I had parallel parking last year has gone to waste. 
I don't really remember what the point of this post was supposed to be anymore, but I had one in mind. I'll just keep typing until I get to that point. 
OH right, last night. I was laying in bed thinking about how cool I'll feel when I tell people that I lived in London for four months. I figure now that I have done this and been so far away from home, everything will be easier! Or, that is what I am hoping for. Seriously though, Drake being 5 hours away seems like a piece of cake now.
It is a month(ish) until I return back to the US. It feels like time has went both fast and slow. If that is makes sense to me. Either way, I'm looking forward to being in the same time zone as my friends and family again. It will be strange to return home though. Life at home keeps going, but I haven't been there. And I haven't even been paying attention to the American news either.
That actually reminds me of a funny story from last week. I was walking to my internship in Belgravia. It was about 8 am and I was heading towards Sloane Square on Brompton Road when about twenty Clydesdale horses come stomping down the street. WITH MEN IN MILITARY UNIFORMS RIDING THEM. My first thought was, "Oh my god. A war started and no one told me". And then my second thought was, "Why is everyone still walking like everything is normal, this is not normal. THERE ARE HORSES. LOTS OF THEM.". Then I questioned if I was sleep walking, which I wasn't. I stood waiting to cross the street as the horses went past me. I wanted to take a picture but was kind of frozen in place. Let me tell you, I have never been more confused and slightly freaked out so early in the morning. BUT it turns out they were headed towards Hyde Park to do a practice run of something important. I didn't find that out until Thursday last week though. It was weird.
 There was literally not point to this post. I am sorry, but if you made it this far, thanks.
At least you got to hear my horse story.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Oi! Hello again. I figured I would type up a quick blog post on the apps I have been using to communicate with people back in the States. The wifi in my building is often times absolutely terrible, and when that happens (7pm to 11pm everyday) I yell at my phone (or computer) about how stupid each app is, but really I don't mean it. 
The first app that is least problematic and perfect for chatting is WhatsApp. It is a free messaging app that you can get on any device as long as you have phone number to set it up with. I love that it is so easy to use. It can usually send messages when wifi signal is low too, which came in handy when I forgot the receipt to top up my phone and couldn't communicate with anyone unless on wifi. It also has emojis, and since I have an Android, I think this is super fun. To be honest, I will probably continue to use this once I am back in the States since I am usually not without wifi. I just blimmin love WhatsApp. 

The next app is Skype, which is very well known. I use this almost everyday actually. I would say about 85% of the time if functions properly. Most of the issues I have are wifi related though...I think. 

The last app is Viber. At the beginning of the semester, I actually preferred this over Skype because it was working the best. But now it is my go-to if Skype is not wanting to function properly. This app is also free and is very multi-functioning. You can message, call, and video call with it.  

To be honest, all of these apps have saved me at some point during the semester. Along with this I use Facebook chat and direct messaging on Twitter. I have an actual phone plan here that gives me an allowance of data to use each month, so I do use WhatsApp while I am out and about in London. Hopefully this helped someone to find an app that may help with communicating with people abroad. Although, I feel like most people have heard of these before. But anyways, I hope you had a great weekend and have an even better week! I am off to Spain next week, so expect loads of blog posts once I return. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Day trip to Brighton

Lauren, Maggie, and I decided to take a trip to Brighton last Friday. We hopped on a train at Victoria station fairly early...and by that I mean we left to get to that station before 9 am. First priority was stopping at Costa, obviously. Then we got on our train and headed towards Brighton. It only takes about an hour to get there. Upon arrival we decided to head down towards the beach, but ended up stopping into Waterstones for half an hour. This post will probably end up including loads of pictures, FYI. 
I absolutely love the beach. Usually I hate rock beaches, but they are perfect when it isn't warm outside. No sand in your shoes or stuck on your clothes! 

After sitting on the beach for a few hours, we walked to the pier. Most of the little shops selling were shut. And the rides don't start running until noon (we were there a little before that). We also got really lucky in the fact that it wasn't windy! at all!!

I couldn't believe how calm the water was. 

We also walked through the arcade area but I didn't take any pictures. 
For lunch we ate right on the beach. I had a brie and cranberry sandwich. Absolutely delicious. I'd recommend making yourself right now. It was so lovely to eat outside in the sunshine!  
We then decided to venture to the Lanes, which are Brighton is known for. 

We stopped into this tea shop after I recognized it from one of my favorite Youtuber's vlogs (at about 9:20). I had a 'Mojitea' which was super yummy, Both Lauren and Maggie had strawberry lemonade tea, which literally tasted like summer. 

We then headed back towards the sea in search these colored huts...which we found after a long walk down to Hove. We all went a little crazy with the amounts of pictures we took of these. But honestly, they were just too cute. 

As it was nearing sunset, we decided to head back towards Brighton and sit on the beach some more. And.....we took more pictures. 

This baby was running around without pants or a nappie on. He/she was also screaming, and wet from playing in the water. I think it was screaming because it was cold. 

I have about ten other pictures that look like this one. 

The tide was out and the beach suddenly grew into an actual beach with sand. 

By this point, we were all pretty cold from being outside almost all day. We decided to head back to the train station and catch a train back to London. 
I feel like I can say this now (having been to many places in the UK)....Brighton is definitely my favorite city in the UK. Seriously, if I had to live here, it would be in Brighton. We are also heading back to Brighton in about three weeks with the rest of our program. I am very excited about it and can't wait to go back!